AC Installation

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New AC installation

AC Installation

Installation of a new AC is a big investment. It’s an important decision, a decision which takes several factors and condenses them into one (pun intended!). Jokes aside, we are here to help you make the process simple and easy. North Pacific Mechanical has the expert crew that can break down what you need based on your home, budget, and even cost of use over the lifetime of the equipment.

When do you replace your Air conditioner? What are the signs your AC needs replacement? Look below!

When should you replace your Air Conditioner?

This question is common. So let’s break it down.

  1. Age of the system. Which really is a glossing over the following sections which are…
  2. Electric bills are high. Look at your electric bill during the summer months. Compare it to the previous years. Energy costs creep up year over year and you may not have noticed cooling your home got rather expensive.
  3. Repairs are adding up. How much money have you spent on repairs? Is it worth continuously repairing an old AC unit?
  4. Humidity and temperature of air coming from the vents. If your AC isn’t able to chill the air as it passes through the coil enough, then the moisture doesn’t get pulled out and it ends up getting blown into the rest of your home. You may feel like it is muggy, humid… like a sauna! Not exactly fun trying to sleep in that.
New AC installation
AC installation

What should you spend to replace your AC? What is the right new AC installation for you?

Here are a few factors surrounding costs for ac replacement and what to look out for:

  1. How old is your current AC unit? Anything over 10 years and you may have generational leaps in efficiency to look forward to!
  2. Speaking of efficiency – this is your AC’s “SEER” (seasonal energy efficiency ratio). SEER rating will be at 10 or even lower for old AC systems. Upgrading from a 7 rating to a 14 SEER rating system will net you big savings. You aren’t limited to that either. The higher you go, the more savings you can get. Compare this to miles per gallon for your car. Going from a 14 SEER to a 27 SEER rated AC comes with 40% in energy savings!
  3. AC size. Have a single story or two story home? Ever notice it is always warm upstairs and freezing downstairs during the summer? Your AC may not be properly sized for your home. Taking this into account during the quoting process is very important.

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Preventative Maintenance Program

What is preventative maintenance?

Your air conditioner is exposed to the elements. Rain, snow, and damaging UV sunlight. Preventative maintenance (PM) is the small and cost effective process in making sure the system doesn’t burn itself out. Cleaning the heat pump (condensing unit) sitting outside and making sure the coils can breathe is incredibly important, but so is regularly replacing the air filter for the air handler (furnace). The most expensive part of an HVAC system is having to replace it. The longer it can last, the better.

Having our professional and highly qualified technicians provide residential HVAC maintenance is the first step in doing proper care for your system. We offer several plans to choose from and each will come with the benefit of extending the life of your AC/furnace setup.

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