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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Air conditioners and A/C systems in general will diminish in efficiency year after year if not properly maintained. Your condensing unit, that large box with a fan in it outside, actually needs to be cleaned and serviced each year. Stop the problem before it even exists or call us when it does. The choice is yours and we are here to help. Take advantage of our planned routine maintenance for your air conditioner or general service any time.

As one of the best HVAC companies in Portland and Beaverton, we have solutions for you now, not later. Quick turn-around on service, quotes, and installations. We even have financing! Just click HERE to learn more.

AC Repair / AC Service / AC troubleshooting

The topic may vary but the end result is the same: fast to turn around and get to your home do an AC repair. We take down systems seriously. When you call we make the effort to answer the phone and schedule your call quickly. Our goal is to never have make you wait weeks for service. AC repair same-week and often within 48 hours of your call. Full system installations have a fast turn-around too!

Residential Air Conditioning Systems

Although the Pacific NW is known for rain/mist/drizzle/sprinkling we’re also hit with some rather hot summers. If your home air conditioner needs repair or replaced now is the time to act. Each year the summers seem longer and some days feel unbearably hot. Your family needs to be comfortable to sleep, relax, or just sit back after work and stream your favorite show.

Every home is unique. Square footage varies. We’ve got you covered! We’re partnered with the best manufacturers of air conditioning (and heating) equipment available. Better quality a/c equipment means higher efficiency, lower running costs, and a product that will last (with a bit of help from our annual maintenance plans).

Our HVAC team here at North Pacific Mechanical is ready to jump in and tackle your air conditioning repair, replacement, or maintenance in Beaverton, Portland, the Metro area in general any time. Just call or email today!

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Common Signs For AC Failure

Air Conditioner Age

  • It’s old, looks old, sounds old, has missing labels or information, and the last time it was serviced is 100% unknown.

Poor or Inconsistent cooling

  • Warm air! Turn the Air conditioner on and if it blows warm air check your thermostat then call us if everything looks correct but simply is not working.
  • Cool air in the morning and evening but not during the day when you need it at peak hot times.

Increasing Cooling Bills

  • Everything seems to be working OK, but the costs to run your air conditioning system are higher than usual.

Reduction in Air Quality, bad odors, unusual noises

  • Does your air conditioner sound like a squeaky engine trying to take off?
  • Excessive vibrations?
  • Tons of moisture issues or high humidity in general?
  • Odd smell? Like the kind of smell you get when opening an old ice chest or refrigerator?

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