Furnace Installation

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Furnace installation

Furnace Installation

Installation of a new furnace is a big investment. It’s a family decision. It is also a decision which takes several factors and squeezes them into one. We are here to help you make the process simple and easy. North Pacific Mechanical has the furnace installation experts that can break down what you need based on your home, budget, and even cost of use over the lifetime of the equipment.

So when do you replace a furnace? Let’s find out!

When should you replace your furnace?

We get this question often. So let’s break it down and list some of circumstances we’ve come across over the years. It’s a combination of age, performance, and running costs.

  1. It just isn’t performing. If you furnace has stopped working or can’t seem to keep up with the demand – it could use a service call to check for repair needs. The distinction here is that if it’s near or past the typical lifetime of a furnace (15 years for gas furnaces, 25 years for electric furnaces) you should also look into getting it replaced. Weigh the repair vs replacement costs.
  2. Energy bills are through the roof. Look at your gas or electric bill during winter. Compare it to the previous years. If you seem big leaps in costs but the cost per unit of energy is still relatively the same, it could be that your furnace isn’t operating as efficiently as it used to be. Sometimes a repair can help but here is where we get into the next part….
  3. Repairs are just adding up to be too much over the years. You’ve sunk money into repairs several times over the years, it’s time to stop with the band-aids and replace the furnace altogether.
Furnace installation
Furnace installation

What should you spend to replace your furnace?

The factors surrounding costs for furnace replacement is another question we get often.

  1. Type of furnace matters. Gas or electric? What energy source is being converted to give you heat? If that goes up year over year, like the costs of natural gas going up due to shortages or an electricity source seeing increased costs – these will are factors to consider over the lifetime of the furnace.
  2. Brand of furnace and model. The higher quality model or brand of furnace will determine the life expectancy of the furnace. Does your money go further with higher quality products, usually yes, but that may not be your goal or fit into your current budget (we can help with that with financing and package deals!).

There are plenty of brands, fuel types, and efficiency levels to suit your needs. Here is where we are the best, whatever is your fancy – we can cater the unit you need specifically for you. Every single equipment replacement quote is personalized to the customer’s needs.

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Preventative Maintenance Program

What is preventative maintenance?

Your air conditioner is exposed to the elements. Rain, snow, and damaging UV sunlight. Preventative maintenance (PM) is the small and cost effective process in making sure the system doesn’t burn itself out. Cleaning the heat pump (condensing unit) sitting outside and making sure the coils can breathe is incredibly important, but so is regularly replacing the air filter for the air handler (furnace). The most expensive part of an HVAC system is having to replace it. The longer it can last, the better.

Having our professional and highly qualified technicians provide residential HVAC maintenance is the first step in doing proper care for your system. We offer several plans to choose from and each will come with the benefit of extending the life of your AC/furnace setup.

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