Winterizing your business!

portland in winter.jpg

Winter is coming.... and we're ready to help keep you warm and comfortable! There are a couple things to keep in mind when we are facing freezing temperatures and the general seasonal change.

Step One: Maintenance

If your business is setup for semi-annual or quarterly maintenance you will see a reduction in typical costs that businesses must bear when winter comes. Filters, heat exchangers, and gas valves will go unseen by most companies during the summer months. Having a company like ours, North Pacific Mechanical, we will make sure to bring up potential concerns before they become a burden for the client and their customers.

Step Two: Recommendations

Any business, from restaurant to hotel to a retail store, will need to take steps to preventing their customers from having a poor experience when visiting their establishment. Sitting down to a meal and it's uncomfortably cold, is an issue. A procedure here at North Pacific Mechanical is that during scheduled preventative maintenance jobs we will send a list of recommended repairs for equipment that is either on the fritz or approaching that point in the near future. Tackling small repairs before they become huge will save money.