If you are a Portland homeowner having trouble reaching the perfect temperature in your home, it may be a sign that your residential hvac unit might need service. Do you want to know if you need a repair or replacement? Our HVAC sales and residential hvac repair team are here to discuss a solution that works for you. In the meantime, below is a list of the most common problems with your heating system and what you can do to remedy the issue.


1. Dirty Filters

Restricting airflow is harmful to your HVAC system. Air filters are designed to trap contaminents and debris from entering your home. Over time this can build up and cause the air filter to become clogged, restricting air flow. In order to assure your Heating system is not working too hard, it is recommended to replace these around every three months. Our technicians can replace these filters as well as look over your system during a quarterly preventative maintenance.


2. Undersized Furnace

Your residential furnace may be undersized for the space it is heating. The most common sign of this is inconsistent heating in your Portland or Beaverton home. The heater may be working properly but the output will never be able to keep up with the space you are trying to heat. Our Portland and Beaverton heating and furnace repair experts can help you calculate the correct size furnace for your space.


3. Covered Grills or Registers

Registers are important in the designs and functionality of your HVAC system. You can open or close the registers to help direct and control the amount of airflow to a specific place in the ducting. A common issue is a large piece of furniture covering the register causing lack of heat in a room due to the blockage. Make sure to check your registers and adjust your room accordingly. If this still doesnt solve the issue in that room we recommend you call our local Portland Beaverton heating and furnace repair experts out to take a look.


If you still need our service after going through these most common issues we are ready to service your equipment.

Heating and furnace repair services in Portland

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