At North Pacific we truly take pride in our preventative maintenance work. Our maintenance is detail oriented and covers cleaning, fine tuning, and diagnosing any issues that could arise on your equipment. We thrive on keeping our customers equipment running and reducing Repair and Maintenance costs.

Refrigeration Maintenance


Our refrigeration maintenance, repair, and replacement services are the best on the market. We look out for our customers by regularly recommending improvements and steps to keep their equipment running at peak-performance. From cleaning coils with brushes to using food-safe chemicals to remove grease and grime, we do it all. Recently, we have been getting compliments on our ice machine deep cleans. These are typical points-off from food inspections and our services can help keep your business scoring high marks!

Our Refrigeration PM’s include

During a refrigeration preventative maintenance we will clean coils, check refrigerant levels, replace or wash filters, check thermostats, and adjust cooling settings to best suit the customers needs. We diagnose compressors, evaporators, fan motors, refrigerant leaks, and other issues during the PM check. We will never do a job or task that requires additional parts and costs without prior approval. We are here to do what you ask of us and you control the goal posts. With each PM we also include before and after photos so that our customers can literally see the difference. These photos are attached with the invoice so you can see over time with each preventative maintenance how we have done.

Benefits of being a maintenance customer:

  • No Overtime
  • Priority scheduling
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