Air conditioning repair is always needed at the most inconvenient time. Often, it is during the hottest days during summer that will push your system beyond its capabilities. As a Beaverton and Portland Home owner it is important to keep your AC functioning properly during the hot season.

The best way to keep your Air conditioner functioning through the summer is to have regular maintenance service. North Pacific Mechanical provides this HVAC maintenance service in Beaverton to make sure your home is comfortable.

Here are some signs to look out for before your air conditioner stops working.


Blowing Warm Air

Your air conditioner is blowing warm air from the register. This can be a costly or cheap fix depending on the faulty part. Often, the capacitor or contactor can be faulty which is a  cheap repair. If your compressor has failed this would be a timely and expensive repair. Therefore, it is important to have regular maintenance done on your equipment.


Poor Airflow

Above all, a dirty or clogged filter is the culprit. Often, you can avoid most repairs by replacing filters and performing regular maintenance.



If your AC is making a strange noise, give us a call. Our qualified technicians are ready to service your equipment and make your home feel comfortable.
Moreover, if you need service on your air conditioner in Beaverton or Portland, give us a call today! 

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