Furnace maintenance

As the days get colder and we approach the winter season, your furnace plays a greater role in your day to day comfort. When your furnace breaks down and begins blowing cold air it can ruin your night, weekend, or even a holiday get together!

There are a number of reasons why a furnace will break down and start malfunctioning. Let’s just go over a few below.

Top Five Causes of a Furnace Blowing Cold Air

  1. Worn Flame Sensor
  2. Dirty Burners
  3. Dirty or Clogged Air Filters
  4. Extinguished Pilot Light
  5. Faulty Thermostat
  6. BONUS! Incorrect Thermostat Settings

Furnace Troubleshooting Quick Guide

  1. Check your pilot light. If you have a gas furnace that is blowing cold air, a pilot light issue may be the root of the cause.
  2. Check your air filter. Clogged and extremely dirty air filters are far more common than you think. Slowing the flow of air may cause the system to over heat and as a precaution it will shut down heating operations.
  3. Check your thermostat. Your thermostat should be set to automatic. Let it control the system.

Expert Furnace Repair Portland

If all else fails, just give us a call. We’re here to help and to make sure your furnace is working when you need it most. We service the Portland Metro area.

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